IGCSE 2017: How did Singapore Schools Do?

As Singapore students get ready to return to school for those starting the new academic year in September, so initial information about IGCSE performance among participating schools is beginning to be released. How did students in Singapore perform? Which schools have published their results?
IGCSE 2017: How did Singapore Schools Do?
By Lyn Soppelsa
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So far, results have been made available by Dover Court International SchoolGIIS East and GIIS Queenstown, Shanghai Singapore International School and Tanglin Trust. We will update this information as other schools publish their results.

Unfortunately, schools tend to release their results in different formats – making it difficult to draw comparisons. In general, the accepted format for UK schools reporting GCSE and IGCSE results is the % of A*, % of A*-A and % A-C. We would encourage Singapore schools to adopt this consistent approach in the interests of transparency in order that parents can identify the performance across the full range of subjects, individual exam subjects and between schools.

Dover Court International School has been one of the most informative in terms of its students’ performances in 2017, although it would have been helpful to have known the number of students involved.

Some of the subject highlights are listed below:


 % achieved and grades

English Language

89%  A*- C,  (67%  A*, A and B)


86% A*- C

Single Award Science

100%  A*- B


100% A and A*


100% A* - C


88%  A* - C

Clearly these are an impressive set of results and students and staff deserve to be congratulated.

Conversely, GIIS East Coast released very little detailed information other than these highlights:

100% students passed the IGCSE class 10 exams, 1 student achieved 12A* results and 4 students secured 9A* results. 100 % students secured A* in Tamil and  A* or A in Economics and Mathematics (without course work).  A very evident focus on the Commerce stream would seem to be indicated by these subject highlights.

GIIS Queenstown provided a little more detail than its sister school and confirmed that a total of 79 students appeared for IGCSE examinations for 8 or more subjects. Their achievements included:

10 students scored 9 A* & A grades, 9 students secured a mark of 100 in Mathematics (without coursework). 77% students secured overall A & A* grades in the exams that they sat.

In terms of individual subject breakdowns, 100% Students secured A* in Tamil, 100% students secured A* & A in Additional Mathematics, in Economics and in Mathematics (without coursework).

92% students secured A* & A in Physics and in Chemistry whilst 89% of students secured A* and A in Biology. 80% students secured A* & A in Computer Science. Again, the very strong focus on Commerce and on Sciences are evident.

Shanghai Singapore International School also reported its results in more detailed terms, advising that 85% of grades were awarded at A*, A, B or C. 35% of subject entries were awarded A or A*. 8 students achieved 7 IGCSE’s at A grade or higher with the highest individual achievement being 10 A*’s.

These results are indeed impressive, but with no information about the number of students who sat the exams, nor the number of exams taken, it is difficult analyse the results further.

Only Tanglin Trust Singapore revealed more full details of their results. 174 students sat exams in May/ June 2017 with 42% (73 students) achieving A* or A grades in all their subjects.

Results for all the exams taken were also impressive:


% achieved



A* - A


A* - B


A* - C  English Language, English Literature and Mathematics


We will continue to update the results for 2017 IGCSE exams as they are made available.

 would like to congratulate all of the students who sat their exams successfully in 2017. We look forward to seeing more schools publishing their students’ results and the school’s contribution to these successes. We very much hope that schools will also make use of the standardized approach to publication of results to enable ease of comparison for students and parents.

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