How To Choose The Right University

University counsellors from Tanglin Trust School, Dover Court International School and St Joseph's Institution International offer expert advice on how to plan for university, where to study, and how being an international student in Singapore is a huge advantage.
How To Choose The Right University
By Carli Allan
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How have recent events affected where and what students are studying?

There's a rise in the number of students from Singapore studying tech and computer science

As well as restricting where students can travel to, Covid-19 has influenced students’ views on where they feel comfortable living and studying, and it has affected the visas they may be granted.

Hani Rahman at Dover Court says: “Students these days are so savvy and well researched that they look and see how long after graduation someone on a student visa can stay in the country. This can vary anywhere from 30 days to three years, which can be a big difference depending on their goals.”

Tanglin has seen a 10% drop in students heading off to UK universities in the last two years, with many European students looking elsewhere post-Brexit.

“Tanglin's students have thought more carefully about where family and friends are, in a clear response to students being trapped abroad during Covid-19. As such we have seen an increase in students investigating options in Singapore and Australia, but interest in the US and Canada remains strong,” explains Zoe Williams.

In terms of what students are studying, Dover Court students are “diving deeper into the fields of tech and computer science”, especially as universities provide more niche areas of study from programming to IT to artificial intelligence.

Hani Rahman adds:

“We are also seeing students excited about the arts, humanities and social sciences as we can see so many wonderful career and personal paths students can pursue in these fields. Students now are so much more open minded with their options thanks to exposure of so many fields not just from their immediate families, but with the internet.”

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