Singapore Affordable International Schools 2022

Here’s our roundup of budget international schools in Singapore with annual tuition fees of under $25,000 - half the price of the city's most expensive schools. We have divided up the schools into the main areas of Singapore, so if distance is a consideration, you can also ensure your chosen school is close to home.
Singapore Affordable International Schools 2022
By Carli Allan
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Singapore Central

Invictus International School (Dempsey)

Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum (IPC)
Grades 1-6: $17,000 (plus $1,190 GST), payable over five instalments
Location: Tanglin
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Highlights: Small-sized school, close-knit community, rigorous maths curriculum, fees paid by instalment

Located in the heritage buildings of Dempsey Hill, this charming primary school enrols just under 200 students in Grades 1-6. Facilities include a school hall, small playing fields, sandpit playground, and open-air swimming pool. The school complements the IPC curriculum with mathematics, English and Mandarin courses. It's a school that you will either love for its natural setting, low fees and village-style learning environment, or you will dislike for its basic facilities, lack of technology and small student body.  

Invictus International School (Centrium)

Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum (English-Chinese bilingual programme), International Middle Years Curriculum, UK National CurriculumIGCSE and A Levels in future years
Grades 1-12: $17,000 (primary); $18,800 (secondary)
Location: Museum & Rochor
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Highlights: Bilingual immersion programme, plans to offer GCSEs and A Levels, rigorous maths curriculum, fees paid by instalment

Invictus' latest opening means that it can now offer students an all-through education, as well as one of the most affordable bilingual primary education programmes in Singapore. The bilingual immersion programme offers classes in English and Mandarin on alternate days. The new Invictus school is located across three floors of the Centrium Square mixed-use development in Farrer Park. While this modern campus feels worlds apart from the school’s charming Dempsey campus, it is well-located for sports facilities and the MRT.

One World International School (Suntec)

Curriculum: UK National Curriculum,
KG to Grade 8: $17,970
Location: Museum & Rochor
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Highlights: 12 free co-curricular activities offered in its first year, central location in Suntec Centre, part of an established family of schools in Singapore 

Located in the Suntec Convention Centre, the OWIS Suntec campus is open for Kindergarten through to Grade 8, and it will roll out Grades 9-12 in subsequent years. Teaching in the early years and primary years follows a play-based and inquiry-led curriculum based on the IB Primary Years Programme and National Curriculum for England.

This is the latest addition to the growing OWIS family of schools in Singapore, which includes the Nanyang campus in Jurong and the Mountbatten campus in the East Coast. OWIS Punggol's Digital Campus, a new all-through school for 1,500 students in Singapore's digital district, will open in 2023 offering the IB, and GCSEs in Grades 9-10.

Knightsbridge House International School (Sentosa)

Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum
Grades 1-6: $12,000 
Location: Sentosa
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Highlights: Small-sized school, close-knit community, fees paid by five instalments

Knightsbridge House International School is offering expat families living in Sentosa a back to basic, affordable choice of international education; there is just one other international school for Grades 1-6 in Sentosa, which is EtonHouse Sentosa. 

KBH is one of around 10 international schools in Singapore where teaching follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in part or full; this thematic approach to teaching subjects is adopted by schools of all budgets, from Middleton Tampines up to SJI International

Daily extra-curricular activities take place at KBH Academy at Phoenix Park in Tanglin, another venture launched by the school's founder John Fearon, which has a basketball court, football field, and indoor studios.

Knightsbridge House International School (River Valley)

Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum
Grades 1-6: $12,000 
Location: River Valley
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Highlights: Small-sized school, choice of English or bilingual programmes, fees paid by five instalments

Shortly after opening its first campus in Sentosa, Knightsbridge House International School has opened a second campus in River Valley. As well as offering expat families living in Central Singapore another affordable choice of international education, the school offers both an English-Mandarin bilingual curriculum, as well as an English-medium curriculum. The new school is open for Grades 1-6.

The school is located on the ground floor of a tower block in a mixed-use development, and students have access to the school's KBH Academy at Phoenix Park in Tanglin for facilities including a basketball court, football field, and indoor studios.

The Perse School (Singapore)

The Perse Singapore

Curriculum: Cambridge Primary curriculum
Years 2-6: $25,000 (reduced to $21,250 for 2021-22 and $22,500 for 2022-23)
Location: Bukit Timah
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Highlights: Standalone primary school, rigorous Singaporean maths curriculum, direct admission for students at Repton Schoolhouse, collaboration with The Perse UK

The Perse holds promise for delivering a strong primary education built on British values and steered by a forward-thinking leadership team. It’s a school that may deter some with its limited enrolment of Years 2-6, a lack of outdoor space and state-of-the-art arts facilities, and move away from the IB programme – but is also one that will appeal to families searching for a standalone primary school with centuries-long Cambridge roots, a strong maths curriculum, and low fees.

Middleton International School (Upper Bukit Timah)

Middleton International School

Curriculum: UK National Curriculum, International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

Grades 1-5: $18,000 (plus GST), payable over four instalments
Location: Bukit Timah 
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Highlights: Close links to other EtonHouse schools, specialist programmes including performing arts and PE, fees paid by instalment, Jan to Dec academic year, large, well-equipped classrooms

This primary school for seven to 11-year-olds follows the UK National Curriculum for English, Science and humanities, the Singapore Ministry of Education standards for maths and Chinese, and International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Based in Bukit Timah, facilities include a library, performing arts studio, IT labs, and indoor and outdoor playgrounds. It’s worth bearing in mind that there are larger class sizes of 28, and students need to travel to other EtonHouse schools for sports and co-curricular activities. 

Razum International School Singapore (RISS)

Curriculum: International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the Singaporean MOE curriculum
Year 1-7: $14,900, or $18,500 for an extended day until 3pm including ECAs five days a week
Location: Tanglin
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Razum International School Singapore (RISS) is a boutique school for children aged five to 12 years old (Years 1-7) with all-inclusive annual tuition fees of $14,900 and a four-hour school day. Alternatively, parents can opt for an extended day until 3pm, which includes ECAs five days a week, for a higher annual fee of $18,500. Parents can expect “a close, nurturing, family environment”, within a boutique-style school in a small, purpose-built campus in Kay Siang Road.

Located in the central Tanglin district, this 'affordable' primary school has a shorter four-hour school day that runs from 8.45am to 1pm, (or there is an option to stay for extra-curricular activities (ECAs) until 3pm), and claims to follow the example set by the Finnish education system, where less is more. According to co-founders Elena Berezhnaya and Marina Dotsenko, this shorter day will give students the time to focus on extra-curricular activities and “external coaches, training, and programmes”.

It is a small and welcoming single-stream primary school with a maximum of 18 students per class.

GIG International School (GIGIS)

Curriculum: CBSE, Cambridge Secondary
Classes 1-5: $12,480 (plus GST), payable over six instalments
Classes 6-8: $13,728 (plus GST), payable over six instalments
Location: Geylang
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Highlights: Central location, CCAs and ECAs included in tuition fees, April to March academic year

GIG International School (GIGIS) offers an affordable education to families looking for a Indian curriculum school. Centrally located in Geylang, this small school teaches the CBSE curriculum for Classes 1-8, and there are future plans to roll out the IGCSE programme for Classes 9-10. There are no added charges as the tuition fee, which is paid in six instalments, includes a technology fee, all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and celebrations.

Leeds International School

Curriculum: An English-led curriculum
Primary 1-3: $15,000
Location: Bukit Timah
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Highlights: Languages (French/Hindi), open to students of all nationalities with visas including Dependent Pass Holders, Student Pass holders and Permanent Residents

Leeds International School opened its doors to students aged six to nine years in August 2021, offering an 'affordable' education with annual fees of less than $20,000.

Located in Bukit Timah, Leeds International School is a standalone primary school offering a British education for Primary 1-3. It is owned by the Sri Lankan education group, Leeds International Schools, which educates more than 4,000 students in 11 private schools across Sri Lanka. The Singapore campus is the group's first school overseas.

The Open Primary

Curriculum: Singapore MOE primary curriculum
Primary 1 and 2: $7,390-7,930
Primary 3 and 4: $7,840-8,380
Location: Various

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Highlights: No external exams, small class sizes of nine students, strong academic focus, shorter school day running from 8am to 1pm

The Open Primary offers a far less traditional form of education. There are currently 15 campuses across Singapore, each with a private teacher and classroom of just nine students. The school connects groups of parents living in the same area with children aged between five and 11 years to a campus. The school follows the Singapore primary school curriculum, which includes English, maths, science and social studies, as well as the arts, Mandarin and PE.

While The Open Primary is a very affordable schooling option, parents should consider that it doesn’t follow an international curriculum, offer external exams, or have the facilities for sport and co-curricular activities. The school does, however, offer parents an ‘easier’ route into local education, which is notoriously difficult for expats to get into. Read more about the pros and cons of a local education here.

Singapore Korean International School

Curriculum: Nuri, Korean, AP

Years 1-13: $5,350-$9,500
Location: Bukit Timah
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Highlights: Trilingual language programme, weekly taekwondo

This all-through international school offers an international curriculum that features Korean language courses, Korean history classes and cultural activities such taekwondo, a STEAM programme, and trilingual classes in English, Korean and Chinese. High school students can take AP (Advanced Placement) subjects to help prepare them for university. The school is only open to Korean-speaking students.

Kindle Kids International School

Curriculum: Self-developed, based on the International Cambridge curriculum
Grades 1-8: $10,272, all-inclusive fee payable over six instalments
Location: Toa Payoh
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Highlights: Central location, CCAs included in tuition fees, Indian academic calendar (April to March)

Kindle Kids International School (KKIS) teaches a self-developed curriculum that is based on the international Cambridge programme for Grades 1-8. Teaching at KKIS has an emphasis on ‘skill’ and less on ‘content’. Lessons are held at a well-equipped, small campus in Thomson, and class sizes do not exceed 20. The school follows the Indian academic year, and runs from April to March.

St Francis Methodist School

Curriculum: Singapore MOE secondary curriculum, IGCSEs, A Levels and the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE)
Years 7-12: $17,120-20,276
Location: Bukit Timah
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5 Steps Academy

Curriculum: Self-developed curriculum
Primary: $15,000 (plus GST), payable monthly
Secondary: $18,000 (plus GST), payable monthly
Location: Tanjong Pagar 
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Ascensia International School

Curriculum: IB Primary Years and Middle Years Programme, O Level, IGCSEs, A Levels
IB PYP: $20,000 per year (five years)
IGCSE: $16,000 per year (two years)
A Levels: $16,000 per year (two years)
Location: Tanglin 
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