Moving to Singapore? Which Year is My Child In?

Before you apply to a school in Singapore, find out when your child should start Reception/Kindergarten, or which academic year group they should be in at primary or secondary...
Moving to Singapore? Which Year is My Child In?
By Carli Allan
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Planning a move to Singapore from overseas? To help you navigate the school admissions process, here's a breakdown of when children start school, what year group they should be in according to their age, and how to defer or accelerate their entry to primary or secondary school.

When does my child start school in Singapore?

Most children start school full-time in the September after their fourth birthday, and will turn five during their first school year. They start in Reception or Kindergarten class. For example, if your child’s fourth birthday is between 1 September 2022 and 31 August 2023 they will usually start school in August 2023.

Are the age requirements the same for every Singapore school?

There are slightly different criteria for school starting ages in schools with UK, US, IB and Indian curricula, as well as for schools with a January to December academic calendar (including Ministry of Education schools and schools following an Australian curriculum).

What is the age criteria for UK curriculum and IB primary and secondary schools in Singapore?

UK IB Local/MOE Indian Australian  US Age as of Sep 1 of the Year of Entry
Reception Pre-KG Nursery KG 1 Pre-school Pre-KG 4 years old 
Year 1 KG Primary 1 KG 2 Prep KG 5 years old
Year 2 Grade 1 P2 Grade 1 Year 1 Grade 1 6 years old 
Year 3 Grade 2 P3 Grade 2 Year 2 Grade 2 7 years old 
Year 4 Grade 3 P4 Grade 3 Year 3 Grade 3 8 years old 
Year 5 Grade 4 P5 Grade 4 Year 4 Grade 4 9 years old 
Year 6 Grade 5 P6 Grade 5 Year 5 Grade 5 10 years old
Year 7 Grade 6 P7 Grade 6 Year 6 Grade 6 11 years old 
Year 8 Grade 7 Secondary 1 Grade 7 Year 7 Grade 7 12 years old
Year 9 Grade 8 S2 Grade 8 Year 8 Grade 8 13 years old 
Year 10 Grade 9 S3 Grade 9 Year 9 Grade 9 14 years old 
Year 11 Grade 10 S4 Grade 10 Year 10 Grade 10 15 years old
Year 12 Grade 11 S5 Grade 11 Year 11 Grade 11 16 years old 
Year 13 Grade 12 S6 Grade 12 Year 12 Grade 12 17 years old 

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