Why Choose the IB Primary Years Programme?

What are the benefits of choosing an IB school in Singapore that offers the Primary Years Programme (PYP)? WhichSchoolAdvisor speaks to PYP co-ordinators at Chatsworth International School, One World International School (Nanyang) and GEMS World Academy (Singapore) to find out…
Why Choose the IB Primary Years Programme?
By Carli Allan
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What are the main subjects covered in your PYP?

PYP students at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

Chatsworth: All PYP schools teach language, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts and physical, social and personal education. The understandings and rigorous knowledge developed in these subject areas are then applied and connected through inquiry into local and global issues into the curriculum, inviting students to explore up to six related, transdisciplinary themes of global significance. Being able to apply knowledge in real world contexts creates powerful and memorable learning experiences for our students.

OWIS: Children learn at an age appropriate level in all subject areas but the learning is delivered in a transdisciplinary format, through the six units of inquiry (UOI) that cascade from the PYP framework.

For example, in the Unit of Inquiry on celebrations (EC3), children explored party planning, firstly by researching invitations on the internet (ICT), writing their own invitations (English), then deciding numbers for invitations, food and games (Maths). They set up committees to be responsible for each area (collaborative learning). Some asked to learn how to use the photocopier (ICT) and others created party bags and vouchers for their parents (Art). Finally, they invited their parents into school to present to them what they have been learning (public speaking).

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