The Best of International Education in Singapore

What lies behind the name ‘international school’, what makes it different to a school in your home country, and how does it benefit students? One of the differences is educational innovation. As well as offering a mix of different curriculum choices, schools have the freedom to introduce cutting-edge educational best practices from around the world. WhichSchoolAdvisor takes a closer look at how schools are doing this in Singapore.
The Best of International Education in Singapore
By Carli Allan
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At first glance, the wide choice of international schools in Singapore can be neatly grouped into UK, US, IB and Indian schools. Take a closer look and you’ll discover schools that are offering a much more varied and innovative curriculum than you’ll find in your home country.

Unshackled from any national curriculum, international schools can offer a bespoke curriculum. They have the freedom to blend the best aspects of curricula such as that of the US, the UK or India – or programmes including the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) or the International Baccalaureate (IB) – with other global educational practices in wellbeing, academia and the arts.

They also bring together a team of international staff who have worked in a wide range of different education systems, which can add to the diversity and strength of a school’s learning environment. It’s one of the huge advantages of sending your child to an international school; teachers are not restricted to a single national curriculum, and an education can combine the strengths of Western and Eastern pedagogy.

WhichSchoolAdvisor looks at some of the global educational practices that are run in Singapore’s international schools alongside their main curriculum.

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