Bilingual Schools in Singapore

A round-up of international schools offering bilingual and dual language programmes at kindergarten and primary in Mandarin, German, Danish, Spanish and French.
Bilingual Schools in Singapore
By Carli Allan
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Singapore American School (SAS)

Bilingual programme: Chinese-English
Annual tuition fees: $28,355
Age: Kindergarten to Grade 1
Highlights: One-way immersion for native English speakers, language-specific dedicated spaces for both English and Chinese

Singapore American School (SAS) recently launched a Chinese language and cultural immersion programme in Chinese. SAS currently has two full curriculum kindergarten Chinese immersion classes and it will launch two Grade 1 classes in August 2018; with each subsequent year, the programme will grow to add additional grade levels. Teaching follows a US-style curriculum.

The bilingual programme follows a 75/25 Chinese-English exposure model from kindergarten to Grade 1; 40/60 in Grades 2-3; and 50/50 immersion in Grades 4-5. From kindergarten to Grade 3, the programme focuses on one-way immersion for native English speakers learning Chinese only.

The school says: “Students will go beyond simply learning the language. They will use the language for learning.”

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