Must Have App: Back-to-School Sleep Calculator

Whether they're still functioning on a different time-zone after a summer away or are simply in the habit of staying up later than they should, we've found the perfect 'sleep calculator' to get them back to bedtimes just in time for school...
Must Have App: Back-to-School Sleep Calculator
By C Hoppe
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Sleep calculator

For many parents, the shift from relaxed holiday sleep patterns to back-to-school bedtimes can be a nightmare!  If you've let your child's sleep slide throughout the holidays, and are now wondering how to get them 'back on track' before school starts- next week, has a free online sleep calculator to re-calibrate your child's sleep-patterns just in the 'nick of time.'

The sleep calculator takes seconds to use. Simply type in their current bed and wake times, the date they go back to school and the time they need to wake once school starts.

The sleep calculator then does all the hard work for you, by devising an ingenious descending sleep and wake plan to get them on schedule in time for school.

For more information and to work out your child's sleep plan for the week ahead visit: here

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