The Total Cost of a Singapore School Place

To guide you through what is going to be an expensive, and sometimes frustrating experience, here is the guide to what you'll need to pay upfront – and then to secure - that prized international school place in Singapore. Application fees, registration fees, levies, security deposits... and more!
The Total Cost of a Singapore School Place
By Carli Allan
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How much does it cost to apply to an international school in Singapore? Parents are paying an average $6,000 to secure a primary or secondary place at one of its 70-plus international schools. This includes a typical cost of $1,300 just to complete the school’s application form.

What you'll find inside
- What Do I Need To Pay When Applying To An International School In Singapore?
- How Do I Know If Places Are Available Before I Apply To A School?
- How Can I Get Priority Admission For The School Of My Choice?
- What Do Schools Recommend Parents Do To Increase Their Chances Of Securing A School Place?
- Admission Fees At International Schools

Apply to any international or private school worldwide, and you can expect to pay a non-refundable and non-transferable application fee followed by a down payment to secure your child’s place. Whether you’re living in Singapore or Hong Kong, the UAE or the UK, international schools charge, for the most part, a non-refundable upfront fee to ensure that parents commit to school places before the start of the school year.

In Singapore, this means that parents are paying fees ranging from as much as $15,490 at Singapore American School (SAS) (or higher if a non-US citizen) to as low as $1,030 at One World International School (OWIS) – and this is before counting the cost of tuition, capital levies and other fees covering technology, field trips etc.

How to apply to an international or local school in Singapore. Click here to find out.

Parents might want to be 100% sure of the school they choose to enrol their child in before paying these fees – and fully understand the school’s fee structure – to avoid losing considerable amounts of money. But, with international schools in Singapore varying so much in what they charge, admissions becomes a confusing system.

To ensure you don't make costly mistakes, it is really important to speak with someone in the admissions office at the schools you are considering, and ensure that you fully understand their costs and refund policy. Be aware that while one school may appear to have a lower application fee than another, it may charge a high capital levy – or vice versa. And always take into account the annual tuition fees, as well as other costs covering technology, field trips, exams, transport, lunch, and uniform to understand the true cost of an education at any particular school.

To help you understand the cost of applying to an international school in Singapore, we look at what you need to pay and why; when to apply; and how to increase your chances of securing a school place.

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