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Best Schools in Singapore, 2020

Which schools top the list of the Best Schools in Singapore?

The Best Schools in Singapore ranks all schools in our database that meet these criteria:

Location: All of Singapore
Price point: All
Phase: All

The ranking lists schools in order of their Parent Score, that is how well the score meets the expectations of this key stakeholder group represented numerically. We discuss why below. Schools not on this list, that you think should be and are missing, are likely to be as yet unrated. To be rated, a school simply needs a sufficient number of parent surveys to be undertaken. If you are a parent at one of these schools, please take the survey!

WhichSchoolAdvisor.com currently has 86 schools in its database. These are all independent, private, international schools offering a total of 45 curricula. All schools, we believe, aspire to offer the highest levels of care and performance for their students. Not all, however, are equally successful at doing so.

In this ranking, the Best Schools in Singapore, we, currently, have 7 schools competing for top spot. The total number of possible schools that could be on this list if all schools had a sufficient number of parent surveys is 82.

Again, if your child currently attends a school in Singapore, then please do review it, by taking the survey here. Your input will help 1000s of parents that follow you!

How we compile this list

When a parent completes a survey, his or her feedback is incorporated into the database and the ranking updated each Sunday. Tune in on Sunday 16th of August just after midnight to see the changes to the Best Schools in Singapore next week!

The WSA Parent Rating is based on the following questions in the survey:

  • Would you recommend your school to another parent?
  • How much of a sense of belonging does your child feel at his or her school?
  • To what extent do you think that children enjoy going to your child’s school?
  • How much do you agree to the statement: I think the fees I pay represent good value for money given the quality of the school offering.
  • Have you thought about moving your child from his current school?
  • Rate your satisfaction with the level of academic performance at your child’s school
  • How confident are you in your ability to make sure your child’s school meets your child’s learning needs?
  • Rate your satisfaction with the level of feedback you receive from your child’s school
  • How concerned are you about bullying at this school?
  • How much has this school improved your child’s confidence?

The WSA algorithm

We do not disclose the weighting we use, but in order to give schools, and parents, the power to impact their score, we skew results to those most recently received. A school looking to turnaround a score can therefore make improvements, and then ask its parents to retake the survey.

If parents appreciate the changes made, it will make a difference to a school’s position on the Best Schools in Singapore list quite quickly.

Moreover, if a school has yet to send out a survey to its parents, then we would urge it to do so as soon as possible. The probability is it will make a significant difference to its score. Schools that asks their parents to take the survey, do better. Parents that are motivated to take a survey independently are often driven by high passions, which may not always be positive!

Why we do a Best School rating?

In choosing schools, parents have always used word of mouth, and the Parent survey captures this quantitatively.

Looking at the ‘Best Schools in Singapore’ should only be one way you short list schools, however. It is a fun and informative way to order schools, and by being based on Parent Rating, is a way to get a good overview quickly.

Why use the Parent Rating for Best Schools in Singapore?

In addition to capturing word of mouth recommendations numerically, we use the Parent Rating for the Best Schools in Singapore, because unlike other measures it is not country, or even area specific as government regulations can be. The parent rating cuts across both curricula, and territory, to be a measure that we can apply equally anywhere and everywhere. Parents all want the best for their child, and will be equally critical, in whatever state they are in, for whatever curricula school their child attends.

Using a rank in this way also means that each school is measured quite independently through the lens of its own parent body. In order to do well, a school ‘simply’ has to understand and then meet the expectations of its parents.

Issues with ranking this way

This way of ranking is both a weakness and a strength. It is a strength because not only can it be universally applied, but it is a true way to measure a school based on the stakeholders that matter the most, its parents.

It is a weakness in the sense that the top school on the list, will not necessarily be the best school for you and your child. It is also NOT a comment on specifics: price point, curricula, location, but an holistic view of schools that fall within a set of criteria.

Expectations will also clearly be different between the parents of different schools. For example, a parent paying premium fees would have very different expectations when it comes to the scope of facilities offered than a parent paying fees associated with the value segment. A high score for a school is not about meeting a universal set of criteria, but about it delivering on its unique promise to its unique parent body.

One size in this context does not fit all and for this reason amongst others WhichSchoolAdvisor.com always encourages parents to look beyond simple rankings and ratings, and determine the best school for your child.

WhichSchoolAdvisor.com has undertaken multiple Best ofs, allowing us to be quite specific and therefore do some of the homework for you in your shortlisting. We do have Best ofs for curricula and for some price points for example.

To go further in your analysis of the Best School for you, then you need to look at additional resources.

It is not easy to dig too much deeper however in Singapore, given the scarcity of high-quality, independently verified and objective information. Private schools in Singapore, unlike other countries such as the UK or UAE, are not inspected by government entities and therefore are not rated. As such there is no simple way to easily compare schools using ‘objective’ criteria. If you dig you will find the likes of the BSO, for example, which does provide independent reports of a select few British schools in the country. Without blowing our own trumpet, that leaves WhichSchoolAdvisor.com and its reviews, which are independent, objective, and written without fear or favour, as your best means to understand a school and your school choices.

Best Schools in Singapore

St. Joseph's Institution International
An all-through Catholic school in Toa Payoh, St. Joseph's Institution International has a reputation for its impressive exam results, pastoral care and rigorous approach to teaching maths at elementary level.
Address: 490 Thomson Road, Singapore 298191
Curricula: IB DP, IGCSE, IPC
Founded: 2007
Principal: Roisin Paul (High School) Catherine Nicol (Elementary School)
Average fees: SGD 30,500
Request info Read review
The Grange Institution
A standalone primary school in the north east, offering the Cambridge primary curriculum, a focus on creativity and outdoor learning, and fees of less than $20,000 per year.
Address: 449 Yio Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 805946
Curricula: Cambridge Primary, IPC
Founded: 2018
Principal: Eugene Low
Average fees: SGD 20,000
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UWC South East Asia (Dover Campus)
UWC South East Asia is a seriously big, and seriously impressive K-12 school. Whether your child is academic, sporty, or artistic, UWCSEA offers something for pretty much every child.
Address: Dover Campus, 1207 Dover Road, Singapore 139654. East Campus, 1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore 528704
Curricula: IB DP, GCSE, IGCSE, Reggio Emilia
Founded: 1971
Principal: Elizabeth Bray
Average fees: SGD 35,000
Request info Read review
Dulwich College (Singapore)
Built on the foundations of a highly respected British independent school, Dulwich College (Singapore) offers an enhanced UK curriculum with a dual language approach to Mandarin, the IBDP, an exciting STEAM initiative, and a global creative arts programme. But, as one of Singapore’s most expensive schools, it all comes at a very high price.
Address: 71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore, 658966
Curricula: UK National Curriculum, EYFS, IB DP, IGCSE
Founded: 2014
Principal: Nick Magnus
Average fees: SGD 40,000
Request info Read review
Nexus International School (Singapore)
Nexus International School (Singapore) (NISS) is an all-through school in Aljunied that champions flexible learning spaces – and where a combination of the International Baccalaureate programme and the UK National Curriculum is taught within open plan, Google-style classrooms.
Address: Aljunied Walk, Singapore
Curricula: UK National Curriculum, IB, IB DP, IB PYP, IGCSE
Founded: 2011
Principal: Judy Cooper
Average fees: SGD 35,500
Request info Read review
Singapore American School
As well as offering a rigorous and broad American curriculum, Singapore American School (SAS) boasts state-of the-art facilities, one of the largest campuses in the region, and a new Chinese immersion programme.
Address: 40 Woodlands St 41, Singapore 738547
Curricula: US HS Diploma, AP
Founded: 1956
Principal: Chip Kimball
Average fees: SGD 32,500
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Dover Court
Nord Anglia's Dover Court is a hugely popular all-through school that offers outstanding SEN provision, an existing STEAM and music programme, and has recently introduced a sixth form offering the IB Diploma Programme.
Address: 01 Dover Road, Singapore 139644
Curricula: UK National Curriculum, EYFS, IB, IB DP, GCSE, IGCSE, AS Level, Specialist SEN, BTEC
Founded: 1972
Principal: Simon Mann
Average fees: SGD 29,500
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