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Delhi Private School Sharjah Review

DPS Sharjah, or more officially Delhi Private School, Sharjah is regarded as one of the best Indian curriculum schools in the UAE, and is a branch of one of the best Indian schools in India itself - Delhi Public School, New Delhi.
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Delhi Private School Sharjah

At a glance

School Type
All Through
Year Opened
Annual Fees
AED 10,500 - 11,950
Annual Fee Average
AED 11,500
Vandana Marwaha
Curricula Taught

Delhi Private School is older than its Dubai counterpart (this year ranked ‘Very Good’ by the KHDA), and was established in 2000. According to parents and students who attend the Sharjah school, it comes closer to achieving the successes of its parent school in India.

In 2016 out of a total of 407 students who took the examination, 25 per cent secured an impressive 10 CGPA, while 58 percent scored a CGPA of 9 and above. In all, the DPS-Sharjah school average for 2016 was a CGPA 9 with a 100 per cent pass percentage.

In 2014, DPS Sharjah recorded a 100 percent pass rate for its Grade 12, with all 284 students who sat the CBSE examinations successful (Source: Emirates Today). This, however, is not uncommon in the CBSE exams. In 2012, DPS Sharjah also achieved “100 per cent results” for Grade 10, with 23 per cent students acquiring a CGPA of 10 with a grading of A1 in all the subjects. 85 per cent students registered a CGPA of 8 and above, while all 338 students who took the CBSE examinations passed with a 1st Division. (Source Gulf News). In 2011, 269 students appeared for the exam. Forty-seven students secured a CGPA of 10. 129 students secured a CGPA of above 9.  The 17.5 percent of students securing a CGPA of 10 compared to 2 per cent of students in 2010. (Source KT).

Results like these have given DPS Sharjah a strong reputation among its particular market – parents seeking a high quality, high scoring Indian based curriculum school for their children that in large part they hope are headed for tertiary education in a top tier Indian university.

Aside academic performance, Delhi Private School Sharjah also seems very keen on sports, with a particular strength in cricket, as well as in drama.

Rather like the New Delhi school, many Indian parents actively target DPS Sharjah. As a result admission is not axiomatic. The school is selective, and an entrance examination is required. 

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11 Archived Comments
Archived 8th Apr 2016, 18:20

Hey everyone .. my kids go to DPS Sharjah and daughter is in Grade 6 now. She started with KG1. I did a lot of research before deciding to admit her in DPS Sharjah. It has a dedicated team of teachers, supervisors and support staff that are kind and available to meet with parents at any time. My daughter is a scholar badge holder , which is quite an achievement and its unfair to point out that the school finds reasons to show off. Education is a team effort from teachers, students and parents. The teachers will impart knowledge and it is our duty as parents to make sure our children get the support they require to fully understand the concepts taught in school. For those parents who cannot teach their children at home, tuition teachers are a huge help ! I passed out from Indian High School, Dubai and while I loved my school years, there is too much study burden on the kids now and that's why I opted for another school for my kids. Depending on your personal experience everyone will find good and bad to speak about. I have recommended DPS Shj, to a lot of friends and relatives and will continue to do so ...... DPS Shj has an activity based learning system.Kids learn through example .... they are shown how a seed germinates, they role play various professions and are encouraged to speak their mind. Admissions are tough, but if your child gets through.... rest assured your choice has been a good one :)

Archived 29th Oct 2015, 13:39

Can anyone tell the school code for DPS sharjah!

Archived 30th Mar 2015, 10:01

The fees have increased so much... Bus fees used to be 700-800 dhs now they are from 1200 to 1800 dhs... The amount of salary we get that is the amount we are paying for school. Overall, DPS Sharjah is not an outstanding school.

Archived 28th Feb 2015, 20:29

Hi! Im planning to shift my family to Dubai next year. My Daughter will complete her CBSE 10th exam in March 2016 from DPS India.
Kindly inform me about the process of admission, criteria for CBSE class 11 admission in Dubai.

Nessa vas
Archived 15th Nov 2014, 18:04

Hi my child is 3.8 yrs old .. Planning to put her to school the coming year 2015 April. I live in Sharjah so planning to admit her in the best school in in education n extra curricular activities.
I read ur review abt DPS!
Also wanted to know about Indian International school and Bilva school ( the new school in Al nahda)

Thank you

Archived 9th Dec 2013, 13:36

Hi every one,,thank you for frank and free review as given above.I would like to know if any one can give any feed back of GEMS Modern Academy,Dubai.If possible to compare between GEMS Modern and DPS Sharjha which one should we choose for our son.

Archived 26th Sep 2013, 09:10

My daughter had been studying in DPS Sharjah for several years. She is a very bright student, but whatever academic achievement she has got is with the help of parental guidance.

The teaching is hopeless. The good results of the school are because of the efforts of tuition teachers, students and parents.

A big show off is given on the 'Scholar badge days' and 'open house days' and parents feel their kids are in a good place. However, this is the only school where the Principal's office is closed to visitors and parents.

Every prefect, every all rounder and every member of the school teams, for any event in sports is the child of a supervisor, headmistress, HOD or Principal. There is a lot of discrimination and rules keep changing according to the parent's status and ability to sponsor events in the school.

Innocent students are not aware of this until they grow up but by that time parents find it difficult to change school as those are crucial years and they don't want to upset the child's routine.

We are happy parents now after changing our daughter's school as there is no partiality and we feel that we should have done this earlier.

Parents should please research with good students and their parents before trying to get admission. Below average children are very happy at DPS as there is nobody to restrict them .They can play around and still get marks as the CCE has several options where these kids benefit.

Archived 2nd Nov 2015, 20:12

Dear Anonymous,
I am a student at DPS Sharjah for almost 9 years now, prior to which I was at ADIS Abu Dhabi. I was a shy little child as I enterede DPS but now I can say that I am a highly proficient orator who was won numerous awards in various scholastic and co-scholastic arenas. This transformation wasn't only due to the deliberation of the parents rather majorly from the guidance and sustained support I recieved from teachers alone. Each and every competition that DPS is a part of it excels in. Here a rigorous methodology which includes auditions at multiple levels is held before a contestant is chosen. These results are even accessible to the parent son request and a comprehensive feedback can also be requested for. In addition DPS for the past 6 years or so has won around a dozen Hamdan Awards per year and has set a record for the maximum awards per year. We have alumni in Berkley, Warwick, IIT, UPEN, Carnegie Mellon and many more. Last year DPS Sharjah won the Khalifa Award for distinguished school and was also given the Distinguished School Acreditatiation by the ADEC. It has also been accredited with the Green Flag.The quality of the pupils in the school is one of the best in the country. I could write much more on our achievements but I would like to conclude with this, if a student has to write as above about his school then he is committed to it and hold immense gratitude to the intstituition.Let your judgement decide.

Archived 6th Jan 2015, 16:32


Can you please advise in which school you have changed your daughter and found the school good. Am planning to bring my kids in mid of march. Can you please advise which school would be better. As u said my daughter is a bright and brillant student but my son is little lazy. Grade 5 for my daughter and Grade 2 for my son.

Archived 11th Oct 2013, 09:19


Thanks for the frank feedback and the review about the school.
My son is 3 years old and am have been having a tough time finalizing a school for him. Could you mention the name of the new school that you shifted your daughter to since you seem to be very satisfied with the move.


Archived 20th Oct 2013, 07:16

Hi Robin , We shifted our daughter to The International School of Choueifat, Dubai. In the higher classes, our experience is good but I am not sure about the lower classes. It should be good because students are trained towards self study whereas in the Indian curriculum we have to study along with our kids, and life becomes hell.

Some parents feel that in Choueifat there is a lot of pressure as they have exams every day. Exams are all computerised and there is no scope for partiality from the side of the teacher. Students get to know where they have made their mistakes and the results are posted on a weekly basis.

Parents need to monitor only the results as they can understand whether the child is progressing or not.

Every child is given an equal opportunity. Children learn the values of discipline and about how to treat fellow students. They help each other by sharing their knowledge.

Being a teacher who has worked in Dubai for the past 17 years in several schools I feel happy to have found one which is good. As a teacher and the mother of a student who had been studying in DPS for the past 7 years you can rely on the review. Nowadays our daughter comes home so happy and it gives us such a lot of pleasure to see her attaining a 97% in the new school, through self study.

I hope you are able to get the best for your son.