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Transitioning from Primary To Secondary

Is your child heading for a secondary school in Hong Kong this August? Maybe they&rs…


Expert View: Childhood Friends, Saying Farewell

Expat kids tend to develop a global outlook argues Jane Evans, author and expert on …


Proposal to Cap School Homework in Hong Kong

A cap on the primary school students homework has been demanded by lawmakers in Hong Kong…


Year 7 Students Unprepared for Social Media

Year 7 students are being put under pressure from the use of social media, a new report c…


Tips on Primary To Secondary School Transition

Is your child heading for secondary school this September? Maybe they’re begin…


Raising Narcissists by Overstating Achievements

Children who are told they are special by their parents are more likely to become narciss…


Critical Parenting Leads To Anxiety Disorders for Children

As competition for the best school and university places increases - a competition that h…


Loving Grandparents: A Vital Relationship

I have to face facts; I am getting on. As I travel around the city, as I meet people at w…


Grit - The Secret To Long-Term Success

According to the BBC , UK Shadow Education Minister Tristam Hunt, is expected to discuss…


Tackling Naughty Head On: Behaviour Management

It’s that dreaded moment when the school call you in to announce that your child is…


Tips on How to Help Your Child Succeed

There are no hard and fast rules for making students succeed, argues guest writer Micha…


5 Tips To Ease Your Child Into Year 7

Reaching the end of Year 6 can be a daunting time for your eleven year old. Mixed feeling…

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