The WSA Back to School Video Competition!

Channel your inner magic into the most awesome back to school video that the world has ever seen. The video should detail just how AMAZING going back to school has been. Mums and dads... There's a competition for you too!
The WSA Back to School Video Competition!
By David Westley
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Are you excited to be going back to school? Are you literally bouncing off the walls with anticipation? If you are, we want you to channel that inner magic into the most awesome back to school video that the world has ever seen. The video should detail just how AMAZING going back to school has been, and WHY it has been important to you, your friends and your school community.

Make it big, make it loud, make it fun, and make yourself and your school proud.

Covid-19 has been testing times for us all, but no more so than for students, who have needed to try to keep up both academic work, fitness and friendships while being isolated at home. Come the 30th August however and all this will change. The gates are opening, and the kids are coming in!

You can make this a solo project, get together with your buddies, or you can do this as a class or year group project... It really is up to you. We will showcase the very best entries on our web site, and make sure that your awesomeness is seen by billions of people worldwide - well... maybe not billions, but we'll try!

We'll give you three weeks to get your entries from the start of school. Please submit your video no later than the 20th September. Please send a link to [email protected] so our email servers do not collapse!!! We also need the full names of all those that have taken part (please share details like roles if you would like this published), your year groups, which school you come from, and a brief synopsis of what the video shows us.

If you think you're the next Quentin Tarantino or Spielberg, or just want to share the joy and madness that is back to school, please start planning now. Nothing good comes without hard work, and, as we all know, preparation is key. Lights, camera... Action!

Mums and dads

If you are feeling left out, we get it. One week you were running a school, being a parent, teacher and principal. From next week, silence punctuated by the crackle of tumbleweed.

This is a life change for you too!

To mark this we're running a separate video comp just for you guys. If you'd like to make us laugh... have your kids been driving your crazy with the latest TikTok dance moves this summer? Why not take the chance for a little revenge (we're thinking "Freedom" by Wham could be the perfect soundtrack) and make your own? Or show us just how you'll be secretly revelling in a house free of constant sibling warfare, sticky fingerprints, epic lego creations and toast crumb trails while they are out at school...

The same deadline (Sept 20th), and the same levels of awesomeness. Don't be afraid to be silly, to share (it's caring), and to reveal your, full frontal, no holds barred... wisdom... The world needs it, and you, more than ever.

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