Meet Hong Kong's Perfect Scoring IB Students

Some of the IB Diploma's top scorers share advice on how to achieve a perfect IB score. The students come from the English Schools Foundation’s ESF Island School, ESF King George V School, ESF Sha Tin College and ESF South Island School...
Meet Hong Kong's Perfect Scoring IB Students
By Carli Allan
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Yu Wing-sze from ESF Sha Tin College will be studying medicine at Hong Kong University.

What was key to your success in the IB Diploma?

My key to success was to manage time wisely and to spread my work instead of leaving it all to the last minute. I did my revision little by little but regularly to maintain my knowledge on all the subjects. I paid attention in class to prevent re-learning the content by myself afterwards.

How do you think the IB has prepared you for university?

IB taught me to be a well-rounded student which pushed me to participate in many CAS activities. The skills I attained are in many ways useful for my life in medical school.

What advice would you give to the next cohort of IB students?

My word of advice would be to try your best and really trust your teachers' feedback and evaluate more on your work. Don't be let down by mistakes in mock exams or tests, as learning from your mistakes will only make you a better student for the IB. Manage your time wisely and create a schedule to follow. Try to complete as many past papers as you can.

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