Meet Hong Kong's Perfect Scoring IB Students

Some of the IB Diploma's top scorers share advice on how to achieve a perfect IB score. The students come from the English Schools Foundation’s ESF Island School, ESF King George V School, ESF Sha Tin College and ESF South Island School...
Meet Hong Kong's Perfect Scoring IB Students
By Carli Allan
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George Shen Hongze from ESF Sha Tin College is heading to the University of Cambridge to study economics.

What was key to your success in the IB Diploma?

I think there were a few key factors for my success. I think most importantly, my family not only provided me with the materials I needed to succeed, but they have also given constant support and encouragement through times when I felt like my hard work was going into nothing. Secondly, my school and my teachers have also been very supportive throughout my journey. They explained the IB process very clearly to make sure I knew what I was doing and gave me a clear goal to head towards. Lastly, it was important for me to keep in mind the bigger picture and what I was working towards. Reminding myself of my target everyday helped to keep me motivated through times of frustration and struggle.

How do you think the IB has prepared you for university?

I am I think taking the IB curriculum has shown me the importance of being self-aware. In the IB, time is limited, and I found it really important to understand my own strengths and weaknesses so that I could allocate my time accordingly to compensate. Because of this, I have become so much more aware of my strengths and weaknesses not just in academics, but in life in general, and this has allowed me to constantly improve myself and become a much more well-rounded person.

What advice would you give to the next cohort of IB students?

I would recommend them to take responsibility for their own grade. It’s easy for us to take the blame off ourselves by saying it isn’t our fault, but I think the moment people do this they begin to give up. I have done this too many times, but luckily my parents reminded me to continue pushing through. Only if you believe in yourself can you achieve your potential.

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