Meet Hong Kong's Perfect Scoring IB Students

Some of the IB Diploma's top scorers share advice on how to achieve a perfect IB score. The students come from the English Schools Foundation’s ESF Island School, ESF King George V School, ESF Sha Tin College and ESF South Island School...
Meet Hong Kong's Perfect Scoring IB Students
By Carli Allan
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Vivian Lam Hei-man from ESF Island School will be joining the University of Hong Kong to study medicine.

What was key to your success in the IB Diploma?

Having good time management, effective revision methods, and support from my school, friends and family. Having to juggle coursework, university interviews and exams, a good time management is crucial to complete all the work while leaving enough time to relax. With the little time left to revise every day, an effective revision method is important as well.

For science subjects, I like to organize and review my own notes every day. For more practical subjects like Mathematics, notes are not as helpful, so I just do lots of practice questions and past papers. Last but not least, without the academic and emotional support from my teachers, careers advisor, friends and family, I wouldn't have gotten where I am today.

How do you think the IB has prepared you for university?
The IB has trained me to become a more independent learner, as my teachers would encourage me to learn new things through my own discovery. This is useful in university where no one will tell you what or how you should learn, especially for me in Medicine as it is a constantly evolving field.

What advice would you give to the next cohort of IB students?

Your life does not only revolve around your studies. Always maintain a healthy work-life balance or it'll get more difficult for you to push yourself as you go on with the IB programme.

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