Hong Kong’s Class of 2023 Celebrate “Outstanding” IB Results

After two years’ hard work in the IBDP programme, schools and students in Hong Kong are celebrating high average scores.
Hong Kong’s Class of 2023 Celebrate “Outstanding” IB Results
By Carli Allan
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English Schools Foundation (ESF)


The English Schools Foundation (ESF), which is Hong Kong’s largest provider of English-medium international education in Hong Kong, enters the highest number of IB students in the country. The IBDP is taught at all five of its secondary schools and two all-through schools. 

A total of 861 ESF students were awarded the IBDP this year and the pass rate was 98%.

ESF scored an average 36.1 (it was 37.9 points last year) – and eight students scored top marks of 45 compared to 36 last year; this decline in numbers is line with a global trend in IB results for 2023.

  • 40 points or more: 269 students (31.2%)
  • 35 points or more: 547 students (63.5%)
  • 30 points or more: 762 students (88.5%)

Speaking about the results, ESF's CEO Belinda Greer said:

“These results are a testament to the dedication and perseverance of all of our students, their families, and the expertise of our highly-skilled educators. 

"ESF is proud to have been a part of their academic journey. We have provided them with an unparalleled education that has prepared them for success from kindergarten through to their final exams - even during the most challenging of times.

“These results not only reflect well on ESF but also contribute to Hong Kong's reputation as a city that values a robust educational system. Such achievements play a key role in attracting new talent to the region and serve as evidence of the quality of education available in Hong Kong."

ESF entered students for the IBDP at the following schools: Discovery College, Island School, King George V School, Sha Tin College, South Island School, Renaissance College, and West Island SchoolThe individual results for each school are posted below as we receive them.

Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Canadian International School of Hong Kong student Vincent Yang achieved the top score of 45 in this year's IBDP results.

The 100-strong cohort at Canadian International School of Hong Kong (pictured above) have achieved an excellent average IBDP score of 36.6 points (it was 39 in 2022). Three students scored 44 points, and eight students scored 43 points. 26% of the cohort achieved 40 points of above. The pass rate was 100%

One student achieved the maximum score of 45; Vincent Yang achieved a score of 7 in all six major subjects, in addition to securing an A grade in both the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. He said:

“Hard work pays off!”

When asked how he remained motivated during his two-year IBDP journey, Vincent said:

“Study calendars worked the best. I focused on planning out every hour of my day to ensure utmost efficiency in my studies: this ultimately enabled me to make the most out of the day while simultaneously completing the goals set for myself.”

Commenting on how he handled setbacks, Vincent said:

“You are not alone, our teachers and parents are our most valuable resources! Never be afraid to ask questions and always stay curious; as Confucius said: The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.”

Head of School Dr Jane Camblin congratulated the Class of 2023, saying:

“We are immensely proud of our students' achievements, which reflect their dedication, resilience, and commitment to academic excellence. The Class of 2023 has once again demonstrated the exceptional quality of CDNIS students."

Along with the IB Diploma, CDNIS students earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), meaning that they graduate with two distinctly different diplomas.

Upper School Principal Dr David Butler added:

“This cohort was challenged with one-third more assessments than students during the pandemic era and achieved this success within the IB’s pre-pandemic grade boundaries. Despite spending most of their high school years enduring external distractions to their learning, these students have proven to be curious, resilient, ethical and friendly.

"We are confident that they will continue to excel and make a positive impact in the world.”

Singapore International School (Hong Kong)


At Singapore International School (Hong Kong), the cohort of 52 IB students scored an average score of 40 (40.4 points in 2021). 

Two students achieved the top score of 45 points, another two students achieved 44 points and there were four students with 43 points. 42.3 % achieved at least 40 points in the IB Diploma.

There was a 100% pass rate. Out of 278 subject examinations taken by the students, 39.2% were a top grade of 7, 75.5% were at least a grade 6, and 99.3% were at least a grade 4.

24 students (46.2%) received the Bilingual Diploma 

SISHK students have accepted university places in Mainland China, the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong.

Victoria Shanghai Academy

Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA) had an average score of 37.4 (it was 39.4 last year), and for the seventh year in a row its average score is above 36 points. The pass rate was 100% and 10 students scored 43-plus points.


HKCCCU Logos Academy

Students at HKCCCU Logos Academy achieved a high average score of 37.6 (a small drop from last year's score of 39.3), and 38.1% of students scored 40 points or more.

Elsa High School

Elsa High School's Class of 2023 achieved an average score of 37, with 33% of students achieving 40 points or more and 66% of students achieving 35 points or more. 

Principal Rachel Friedmann said:

“Congratulations to the Class of 2023 - the first post-Covid graduating cohort to sit a full complement of examinations in all subjects. We are extremely proud of the personal achievement of every one of our graduating class: each student has faced and successfully overcome very specific challenges - and the support provided by Carmel School’s Elsa High School section faculty has been key in supporting our students in every aspect of their DP journey.”

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